Stanwick Finnegan
Alias(es) Tangent (Secret Service Code name)
Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation Former US President
Affiliations Clockwork
Physical Description
Height 6'
Series Information
First Appearance Secrets of the Secret Service
Portrayed by Bill Smitrovich

Stanwick Finnegan is a former US President.

In 1998 he voted for approval of Project Clockwork. It was never documented and wasn't reveal until Secrets of the Secret Service.


Season 1Edit

In "Secrets of the Secret Service" President allows Gabriel and CyberCom team come with him to rescue the american hostages while he conducts talks with the syrian officials to free them. On the plane he asks Gabriel to say something only he knows. Gabriel whispers something in his ear and he is amused. Later Griffin, Special Agent in charge of Finnegan's security detail remove him from the talks and to the airfield after learning syrian guards have found the guard Gabriel killed earlier. He then orders Griffin to go with Gabriel and Riley who are going back to save the hostages.

After the plane landed on USA he asks Gabriel why did he agree to be Clockwork. Riley tells him it's because Gabriel's love for the country. Finnegan then asks whether Gabriel plays golf and when he says yes he asks if the chip gives him an advantage. For which Gabriel answers I wish. Then Stanwick tells him they should play sometimes.