Two chips in the passing

–Shenandoah Cassidy, Mei Chen Returns

Brief SummaryEdit

The second chip was also created by Dr. Cassidy and implanted by him also. The second chip is an upgrade to the original the only differnces is the fact that it is faster.

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The Second chip before being implanted

Season 1Edit

The second chip was kept in Dr. Cassidy's safe but when he was kidnapped they brought the safe with them. It is first seem when he is told to implant it on Mei Chen the second known person to have the special gene needed to implant it. Dr. Cassidy successfully completed the operation although it is not shown until Mei Chen wakes up from the coma.

The second chip is first used in the episode "Mei Chen Returns" where she uses it to get inside Gabriel's cyber render, where she learns of the case they are working on at the time. Later in the episode Mei Chen downloads the information on a drive found on a person containing information about clockwork onto her chip. Later Gabriel lures Mei Chen into one of his Cyber Renders and Nelson hacks into Mei Chen's chip and destroys the information.