Samantha Royce
S01e05 351
Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation Student
Physical Description
Hair color Red
Friends Mackenzie Bradshaw
Series Information
First Appearance The Rescue
Portrayed by Kimberly Whalen

Samantha Royce is a colllege student. She attends Arizona University with Mackenzie Bradshaw.


Season 1Edit

In "The Rescue" Samantha is kidnapped from her dorm room along with Mackenzie. Later she is taken away from the place she was held with Mackenzie and taken to a different place. The kidnappers place a live grenade in her hand. She passes out and drops the grenade to the floor. Gabriel arrives just in time to throw the grenade away and save her life. Later Riley and Gabriel asks her about the place she was held hostage with Mackenzie. She tells them she heard cheering on TV and the kidnappers cheered too. She said she heard lions and elephants like in a jungle.