Patient Zero
Season 1, Episode 6
Intelligence 1x06 001
Air date Feb 10, 2014
Written by Michael Seitzman
Directed by Adam Davidson
Guest Stars Tomas Arana As DNI Adam Weatherly

Nick Searcy As General Greg Carter
Sandra Cevallos As DHS Anna Rachey
James MacDonald As DFBI Oliver Sicola
Ronnie Blevins As Luther Vick
Carrie Coon As Luanne Vick
Matthew Jones As Jones
Sayeed Shahidi As Django
Erica Luttrell As Charlotte
Daniel S. Gonzalez As Tom-Tom Benitez
David Carpenter As Warden

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The monsters are at the gate

–General Greg Carter, To Lillian Strand

Patient Zero is the sixth episode of Season 1 of Intelligence TV series. It aired on February 10th 2014.


Gabriel and the CyberCom team head to Texas to help contain an outbreak of a deadly, rapidly spreading virus, but when Gabriel cyber-renders ground zero of the outbreak to isolate who Patient Zero might be, he and the team are shocked to see that the suspect is a criminal believed to have been executed a week earlier.


Normal intelligence 005 "Show-off"
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S01e06 15
This episode opens with a prisoner being executed by lethal injection. When asked for last words he says he loves his wife Luanne who is tearful and standing on the other room and warns Tom-Tom Benitez he'll reach down from hell and drag him down with him. An IV is inserted in his arm and contents of the injection are inserted and he flat lines.

Riley knocks on Gabriel's door and when he opens she says she thought she might had to break down the door. Gabriel replies that she'd be huffing and puffing since it is a steel door to which she says she has a key. She tells him to get ready since they have a case. Gabriel takes the newspaper and the coffee from Riley which she brought for herself.

Back in CyberCom Nelson has a weird thing in his head and when asked he says he is controlling a quadcopter with his mind. Dr. Cassidy says Gabriel doesn't need the equipment Nelson is wearing in his head since he has a chip in his brain and use it control the quadcopter. Nelson tells Lillian the quadcopter could be hers for free in exchange for an apology. She asks what's the apology is for for which Nelson replies for suspecting he had something to do with Dr. Cassidy's kidnapping in the Pilot episode. Lillian says he is the ones who owes her an apology since he and his father built a second clockwork microchip illegally and almost got the prototype killed.

S01e06 83
Lillian gets a call from DNI Adam Weatherly about the virus breakout in Texas. More than 100 people are sick and more than 40 have already died. Dr. Cassidy deduces the virus is being passed by direct contact.When Gabriel asks why they need CyberCom's help she says there on a manhunt for Patient Zero and Gabriel is the best chance at finding him quickly. The first outbreak was at a music festival where 22 people were infected. He uses the social media networks to get pictures of the festival. Chris says it took three days to identify the Boston bombers through the photos posted in social media networks. But Dr.Cassidy says they can find patient zero quicker through Gabriel's cyber renders.

S01e06 114
Gabriel finds photos from social media and creates one big cyber render image and walks through it. Dr. Cassidy instructs him to do a facial recognition on the people who got sick in the festival using the CDC files and find a common link. He sees a guy wearing a black hoodie who came in contact with all the patients but he can't see his face. He sees a man aiming a cellphone camera at him and finds the photo he took. He finally see the patient zero's face. It is the prisoner who got executed in the opening scene. He does a facial recognition and pulls up files about him. He finds out he was supposed to be executed last week. When the others asks who he is seeing he replies by saying a dead man.

S01e06 138
Luther was supposed to be convicted for killing two cops when they pulled his vehicle over. An associate of his, Tom-Tom Benitez who was in the vehicle with him turned on him and confessed to the authorities. Cassidy thinks since Gabriel's renders are part fact and part imagination Gabriel was imagining about the executed prisoner. Lillian wants Gabriel to go to Texas to investigate about it inspire the protest from Cassidy and Riley that Gabriel is not immune to the virus and can get infested. She wants Nelson to go to the CDC camp and collect samples to send back to Cassidy in CyberCom.

Somewhere in Texas a man gets into a truck and Luther Vick the prisoner who is supposed to be dead and patient zero is in the back seat. The man is Tom-Tom Benitez. He shoots him with a gun.

S01e06 180
Lillian is on video conference with DNI Adam Weatherly, Director of FBI Oliver Sicola, Director of Homeland Security Anna Rachey and the Director of Defense Intelligence General Greg Carter. They all do their reports and when it is Lillian's turn she says she has deployed clockwork to find the patient zero. When the Director of Defense Intelligence asks what is clockwork she says it is code name and doesn't say much about it. When the video conference is over Weatherly asks Lillian to stay behind and when the others are gone he asks if it is a good idea to send Gabriel into a middle of deadly outbreak. She says what's the use of having clockwork if they can't use it to save lives. He says clockwork will always be in danger as long as there is only one Gabriel. He says if she want hundreds and thousands of him the clockwork not only should continue to prove itself it has to survive too that means Gabriel. Lillian says she understands the risks.

S01e06 204
Riley and Gabriel are in the execution chamber of the Texas prison. Riley says in Secret Service they are taught to imagine the room as it is in underwater and look for a drain. Gabriel lies down on the execution table and tells her to activate the machine. Riley thinks it is creepy. Gabriel says he is not hook to an IV and Riley turns it on. Gabriel is automatically strapped to the table and Riley says there is nothing creepy about that. Suddenly Gabriel flat lines freaking Riley out. But he opens his eyes and tells he hacked into the machine and if he can do it someone else can do it too. He says at least six people are needed to pull off faking Luther's death. Gabriel receives a text message someone from the other room send saying 'Someone Knows' and tells Riley they should leave since they are not alone.

S01e06 236
Nelson is at the CDC quarantine camp wearing a hazmat suit and he collects a sample from a kid named Django who was at the music festival with his dad who is in the other bed with him. His mother Charlotte is in a hazmat suit next to him. She asks Nelson if he is a good doctor to which he replies he isn't but his dad is. He sends the samples to his father and they figure out the virus is man made and it is transmitted through sweat glands. He says Luther is probably not even infected yet and it might take days or weeks before he is infected.

S01e06 253
Riley and Gabriel are parked outside the prison waiting for prison guard Jones who send text message. He is walking to his car in the parking lot talking to someone on the phone. Both Chris and Gabriel tries to pinpoint the location of the person calling Jones. Jones is paranoid and asks whoever on the other side of the phone to take care of the problem so it won't be traced back to him. They say they have and the parking lot explodes. Gabriel finally traces the call and it leads them to the Pentagon. CyberCom thinks it probably was a private contractor working for the Pentagon who was conducting tests on Luther and he escaped. There is no one better to conduct experiments on than dead people.

Luther goes to visit Luanne who is surprised to see him alive. She asks how he is alive. He says after he supposedly died and opened his eyes he saw people in duck suits hovering over him and injecting him all kinds of things. He pretended to be asleep and later escaped from the facility he was being held. They makeup for the lost time.

S01e06 308
Lillian tells General Greg Carter about Luther Vick and the phone call they traced back to the pentagon. He thanks her for coming to him and tells her that he'll look into it. He gets on the elevator and Chris taps into a phone call the General made saying they have to find him before Lillian's people does. He never mentions Luther's name and Lillian says he is too smart to do that.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.46.19 PM
Riley and Gabriel arrives on Luanne's house with Nelson's quad copter. Gabriel flies it over her house using the chip in his brain and turns on the thermal. There are two people inside the house. Lillian tells them to wait for backup but as usual Gabriel disregards her orders much to Riley's annoyance. She has a hard time making Gabriel wear a pair of gloves to protect himself form the virus. She then warns not to touch Luther. They enter the house and the two people inside weren't the ones they expected to be in the house at all. Two people in hazmat suits shoots at them. Riley tackles Gabriel to the side which causes harm to Gabriel's masculinity. Gabriel using the quad copter's video says one person is heading outside and Riley should go after him and he'll take care of the one in the house. After giving Gabriel a stern stare she leaves. The shooter in the house goes outside followed by Gabriel. They both get into a fight and Gabriel gets his ass kicked. The gunman tries to stab him with a knife and Gabriel uses the quad copter to hit the gunman in his head. Riley and the other gunman are in a shooting match just a few feet away. A van pulls up and another one shoots at Gabriel and Riley while the other two gunmen get in. They drive away. Gabriel says they got their asses kicked by special forces.

S01e06 372
Riley and Gabriel are back in the CDC quarantine camp with Nelson briefing Lillian. She isn't too thrilled to hear that Riley and Gabriel went in without any backup and Nelson isn't thrilled to hear that Gabriel broke his quad copter. A nurse tells Nelson something and he looks upset. When the others asks what's the matter he answers that Django, the boy from the music festival's father died. Three of them go inside. Django's mother comes and goes inside to console her son without a hazmat suit. Nelson tries to stop her but she goes in anyways.

S01e06 401
Riley sees some letters pinned to the camp's wall and tells Gabriel that when the letters are sent to an inmate they are scanned and stored. Gabriel pulls up the letters from the database and sees that Luanne has mentioned a farmhouse belonging to her grandmother. They leave for the farmhouse.

Luther and Luanne are in the farmhouse. He is watching the news about the virus outbreak when Luanne arrives. He sees that she is infected by the virus. She says she has to go to the hospital. He blames Luther and says he was the one who gave it to her since he was the only one she's been with. Luther saying that's not possible since he is feeling fine. He grabs a pair of scissors.

They arrive on the farmhouse and this time Riley forces Gabriel to wear the gloves. Riley goes around the house while Gabriel stays at the front door. She peeks in through a window and calls out to Gabriel. He comes and peeks through the window too. Luanne is lying on the ground dead. They go to the back of the house and see Luther going out the back. Gabriel goes to the backdoor while Riley looks around the truck for Luther. When her back is turned Luther grabs her from behind. Gabriel aims his gun at him. Riley manages to throw Luther over her shoulder. She zip ties his hands behind his back. She tells Gabriel to stay away since Luther infected her. He asks whether Luanne was telling the truth was he the one who has been infecting those people?

Chris and Lillian warns them that the special forces soldiers are on their way to the farmhouse. They arrive and General Carter orders them to take care of the collateral meaning Gabriel and Riley.
Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 2.41.47 PM
They put Gabriel and Riley in a shed and light it on fire. They look for a drain and Gabriel sees the wood splinter after catching on fire. He finds a blanket and tells Riley to come close to him since they have to do it together. She says she is infected and doesn't want to infect him. He says they are partners. She comes close and Gabriel puts the blanket around her. He says he is picking up helmet camera feed and a soldier is on the other side of the shed. They break through the shed and the soldier comes around to inquire. Gabriel comes behind him and hits him. He pass out. He hacks into his signal and find out the other soldiers are nearby with Luther. They ambush the soldiers and Luther points a gun at Gabriel. They wrestle for the gun and Luther aims the gun at himself. He says he knows that the people need him alive. Riley hits him in the head before he has a chance to shoot himself.

S01e06 546
When the General loses contact figures out they lost the two agents and Luther Lillian comes in with soldiers of her own and Weatherly and Chris. They arrest the General who says now they can make a vaccine and will be ready for an attack like this because of the experiment. Weatherly says to Lillian that the only thing worries him more than the power of one agency is the power of one agent. Lillian asks whether he is talking about Gabriel or about her. He doesn't answer.

Nelson delivers the vaccine to the CDC camp. Charlotte, who is also infected tells them to give it to Django first.

S01e06 581
In the last scene Riley is sleeping and her cellphone rings. When she answered it is Gabriel. He says he didn't get his nightly call from her. He says Luther died a while ago and the virus worked quicker on him than on the people he infected.

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Intelligence - Patient Zero (Sneak Peek)

Intelligence - Patient Zero (Sneak Peek)

Intelligence 1x06 Promo "Patient Zero"

Intelligence 1x06 Promo "Patient Zero"


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  • In this episode Gabriel mentions three people were experimented on for the Clockwork before him. Two of them died and one was paralyzed. 


I'm going to reach up from hell and pull him down

–Luther Vick

Think of it like a tuxedo. Once you have one, you find a place to wear it. And this tux could be yours for the low price of…a simple apology

–Nelson Cassidy (Referring to his quad-copter), To Lillian Strand

Well, Nelson, maybe you and your father should apologize to your country for duplicating top secret technology, for exposing the most valuable intelligence weapon in this nation’s arsenal, and for nearly getting the prototype killed

–Lillian Strand, To Nelson Cassidy

She’s a Disney villain

–Nelson Cassidy

Are you serious? You’re asking me to protect him in the middle of a deadly outbreak of an incurable virus. It doesn’t get worse than that.

–Riley Neal, To Lillian Strand

If we’re not using this program to save American lives, then why have it?

–Lillian Strand, To DNI Adam Weatherly

You want a hundred of him? A thousand? Then the program must not only continue to prove itself, but it must endure. And by it, I mean him

–DNI Adam Weatherly, To Lillian Strand

Yeah, there is nothing creepy about that

–Riley Neal, To Gabriel Vaughn

You know, the only thing that worries me more than the power of any one agency is the power of any one agent

–DNI Adam Weatherly, To Lillian Strand

Either we’re partners or we’re not


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