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Nelson Cassidy
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Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation US CyberCom Technician
Affiliations US CyberCom


Physical Description
Hair color Brown - Dark
Eye color Brown - Dark
Family Shenandoah Cassidy (Father)
Series Information
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Size Matters
Portrayed by P.J. Byrne
We don't all need a chip in our head to disable an alarm. Can you believe this guy?

–To Lillian and Gabriel, Secrets of the Secret Service

Nelson Cassidy is a CyberCom employee. He helped his father, Shenandoah Cassidy on the Project Clockwork



Season 1Edit

In "Pilot" Nelson's father Shenandoah Cassidy is kidnapped. He asks Gabriel to find him. When Gabriel figures out the kidnappers took the safe of Dr.Cassidy he says his father's autobiography was stored in there but later admits his father did make a second clockwork chip and it was in the safe. He is suspected to be behind the kidnapping but he denies it. Lillian Strand, director of the US CyberCom interrogates him. He is later cleared when Gabriel learns it was Amos Pembroke who was working with the kidnappers.

In "Red X" he along with Gabriel searches for information about the bomber who blasted himself on a US Marine base in Afghanistan. While Gabriel and Riley went to the Phalanx Global Security Headquaters to stop the bomber Nelson shut downs the cellphone towers in the nearby area to block the signal of the detonator. When the bomber is killed he and his father retrieve the explosives from the dead suicide bomber's stomach. They find out bomber didn't swallow all the red x that was stolen and there is still enough for another bomb. They inform the rest of the team about it.


Shenandoah CassidyEdit

Shenandoah Cassidy is his father.

Gabriel VaughnEdit

He has a sibling rivalry with Gabriel.




Want to question the banker and the candlestick maker?

–To Gabriel, Red X

(Cups his hands around his lips) Luke...I'm your father.

–To Gabriel, Secrets of the Secret Service

She's a Disney villain

–To Lillian(Behind her back), Patient Zero


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