Luther Vick
S01e06 280
Biographical Description
Status Deceased
Nationality American
Career Information
Physical Description
Family Luanne Vick (Wife)
Series Information
First Appearance Patient Zero
Portrayed by Ronnie Blevins

Luther Vick is a convicted criminal.

Early LifeEdit

He kills two police officers who pulled him over. He is later convicted and given the death penalty.


Season 1Edit

In "Patient Zero" Luther Vick is executed fo killing two police officers. Before being executed when asked if he has any last words he bids farewell to his wife Luanne and tells his boy Tom-Tom that he'll reach up from hell and drag him down with him. He is strapped to the execution chair and injected. He flatlines. Unknown to him his execution was staged. When he opens his eyes he discovers he is alive and people wearing hazmat suits are injecting him all sorts of things. He pretends to be sleeping and escapes from the facility he was in. Unknown to him he was a part of a bio-weapon experiment and he was injected a virus. He escaped before finding a cure. Without knowing this he goes to a music festival and infects 20 people including a boy named Django and his father. He then hides on the backseat of Tom-Tom's truck. When he climbs in he shoots him. He then goes to visit his wife Luanne. She is surprised to see him alive. He explains about his fake execution and his escape from the facility. They make up for lost time. While in Luanne's grandmother's cabin he watches the news of the deadly virus outbreak. When Luanne is infected and he blames him of giving her the virus he denies it and says he is feeling fine. He then kills her. When Gabriel and Riley comes to the farmhouse looking for him he grabs Riley from behind presses a gun to her forehead. In doing so he infects Riley. Riley throws him over her shoulder and ties his arms behind her back. Then Special Forces soldiers arrive and take Luther into their custody and puts Gabriel and Riley into a shed. When they take Luther through a forest Gabriel and Riley ambushes them. Luther takes a fallen gun and aims it at Gabriel. Gabriel tries to grab the gun and two of them fight. Luther tries to kill himself saying he has figured out he is much more important alive. If he dies the virus dies and they won't be able to find a cure. Riley hits him in the head from behind. He later dies from the virus.