Luanne Vick
S01e06 293
Biographical Description
Status Deceased
Nationality American
Career Information
Physical Description
Height 5' 5" (1.65 m)
Family Luther Vick (Husband)
Series Information
First Appearance Patient Zero
Portrayed by Carrie Coon

Luanne Vick is the wife of Luther Vick.


Season 1Edit

In "Patient Zero" her husband Luther Vick is executed for murdering two cops. She was on the observation room when his husband was being executed. She is later seen passed out on the couch of her house. Luther comes to see her and she is surprised to see him alive. He says after his fake death when he woke up he saw people in duck suit and they injected all sort of things to him. He says he pretended to be passed out and escaped from the facility he was in. They make up for the lost time. They go up to the farmhouse of Luanne's grandmother. She arrives from the store while Luther is watching the news about the virus outbreak. They kiss and Luther sees that Luanne is infected by the virus. She says she have to go the hospital immediately. Luther says he can't come with her. She figures out it was Luther who infected her since he was the only person she's been with. When she says this to Luther he doesn't believe her since he is feeling well. He then stabs Luanne with a pair of scissors and kills her.