Leeland Strand
Alias(es) Obregon (Mentioned in The Rescue episode)
Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Physical Description
Hair color Brown - Dark
Height 6' 3" (1.91 m)
Family Lillian Strand (Daughter)

Rebecca Strand (Granddaughter)

Series Information
First Appearance The Rescue
Latest Appearance The Event Horizon
Portrayed by Peter Coyote

Leland Strand is the father of Lillian Strand. He works for the government but his occupation is unknown.



Season 1Edit

In "The Rescue" he comes to the US CyberCom with DNI Adam Weathetly to meet Lillian and tell her about the kidnapping of college students Samantha Royce and Mackenzie Bradshaw. Leland explains that Mackenzie is the daughter of Senator Bradshaw who is the head of Foreign Relations Committee and they are about to sell a satellite to Mexican Government and a Hector Villareal doesn't want the sell to go through and he is behind the kidnapping and demanding the Senator to stop the sale. Later Lillian mentions to Leland when Gabriel got a call from Hector he mentioned Obregon. She tells him she knows he is Obregon and Hector was a government asset. Leland then tells her Hector has helped the FBI to capture bigger drug dealers in the past. Lillian tells him to control his asset. Leland calls Hector and tells him the satellite sale will happen no matter what but he is prepared to give him the codes so he could access the satellite data whenever he wants. He says it is the only deal he could give him at the moment. After reluctance Hector agrees. He gives him a location where they could pickup Mackenzie. Leland is seen back in CyberCom while Gabriel attempts to save Mackenzie and Riley, whom Hector's men kidnapped after she went to get Mackenzie from the prearranged location instead of releasing her. When Riley and Gabriel along with Mackenzie was just about to leave Hector arrives and Leland orders to let Hector go. After reluctance Lillian orders them to stand down and let Hector leave. Later he attends a theater show with his daughter Lillian.



Lillian StrandEdit

Lillian is his daughter.



You know, when I first got to Langley, the director said to me, "You think you know what evil's out there. You have no idea."

–To Lillian, In The Rescue

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