Kate Anderson
Intelligence103 0036
Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation Former CIA Analyst
Affiliations Central Intelligence Agency
Physical Description
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Height 5' 7" (1.7 m)
Series Information
First Appearance Mei Chen Returns
Portrayed by Annie Wersching

Kate Anderson is a CIA Analyst. Because of one of her missions an innocent child died accidentally. After that she stole sensitive information from CIA.


Season 1Edit

In "Mei Chen Returns" Kate tries to sell sensitive information to Tristan, a MI6 agent. He is shot down and assailant comes after Kate. She manage to escape to Chinese Embassy in London. However the assailant, Mei Chen tracks her down and kidnaps her. Mei Chen figure out Kate has stored the information on a chip in her contact lens. She hands it over to Mei Chen who threatened to cut it off from her eye herself if Kate didn't oblige. Later she is arrested by Riley and Gabriel. She is currently awaiting her trial.