Hector Villareal
S01e05 535
Biographical Description
Status Deceased
Nationality Mexican
Career Information
Occupation Drug Dealer
Physical Description
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Series Information
First Appearance The Rescue
Portrayed by Carlos Sanz

Hector Villareal is a drug kingpin in Mexico. He is a soccer fan. In the past he has helped the FBI capture bigger drug dealers.


Season 1Edit

In "The Rescue" Hector kidnaps college students Samantha Royce and Mackenzie Bradshaw. He then sends a video of the to Senator Bradshaw, Mackenzie's father demanding the sale of satellite to Mexican government to be stopped. When he finds out two US agents are in Mexico looking for the girls and they talked to Luisa Reyes, mother of Carlos Reyes who kidnapped the girls he kills Carlos. He beheads him leaves his head in a trunk to be found by Gabriel and Riley. When they do find it Hector calls Carlos's phone which was stuffed inside Carlos's mouth and tells Gabriel and Riley to check the laptop he left for them. He has put a live grenade in Samantha's hand and he tells Gabriel when the girl pass out she'll drop the grenade and explode. He then mentions Obregon before hanging up. He calls the Senator and tells him about the US agents in Mexico. The Senator assures him he didn't send the agents and he will postpone the satellite sale. Then Hector receives a call from Leeland Strand who is Obregon and tells him the satellite sale will happen but he is willing to give Hector the codes so he could access the satellite data anytime he wants. After reluctance he agrees and gives a location to pick up Mackenzie. But his plan is to kidnap the US agents. When his men got Riley he sends another video of Mackenzie and Riley to show he is not taking orders from anyone. When Gabriel and Riley were freeing Mackenzie Hector arrives in a vehicle but he leaves unharmed since Leeland and Lillian ordered Gabriel and Riley to stand down. Later while he is in a bathtub with a naked woman he gets a call from Lillian Strand. He tells her unless they can find another Mexican he is untouchable. She tells him she already has and the woman in the tub with him stabs him and leaves him for dead.