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Gabriel Vaughn
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Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation US CyberCom Special Agent
Affiliations Delta Force


Physical Description
Hair color Sandy Blonde
Eye color Green
Height 6' 1" (1.87 m)
Family Amelia Hayes (Wife, Deceased)
Series Information
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Being Human
Portrayed by Josh Holloway

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Gabriel Vaughn is the main protagonist of Intelligence. He is a Federal Agent working for the United States Cyber Command.  He is equipped with a super computer microchip in his brain, allowing him access to anything in the world. He can also do cyber rendering. Based on the evidence he has, he can create a simulation to recreate the events of a crime. Former Secret Service agent Riley Neal is appointed to protect him and the chip by Lillian Strand, director of US Cyber Command.


He has a disregard for protocol.

Early LifeEdit

He is the youngest of his family. His mother forbade him from joining the army.

Delta ForceEdit

Vaughn was a Delta Force Tier 1 operator who did 5 tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

United States Cyber CommandEdit

He agreed to be a part of Clockwork to find his then missing wife.


Season 1Edit

His wife returns in "Red X" and it is revealed that she has turned her back on him and blows herself up. Gabe becames upset and wants to save her but Riley pushes him out the window to save him. Gabe then leaves to mourn but some words from Riley, who finds him, he returns.


Amelia HayesEdit

Riley NealEdit

Shenandoah CassidyEdit



  • Gabriel has the Athens-4u7r gene mutation which allowed CyberCom to insert a chip in his brain.
  • The reason he signed up for Clockwork was to find his missing wife Amelia.
  • He and Amelia spend their honeymoon in Mexico. And later when she died, Gabriel went back there.


Back in Delta we had one rule, everybody goes home.

–To Lillian Strand, Secrets of the Secret Service

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