Emily Tyner
Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation CIA Agent
Affiliations Central Intelligence Agency
Physical Description
Hair color Black
Series Information
First Appearance Secrets of the Secret Service
Portrayed by Tania Raymonde

Emily Tyner is a CIA agent. She was caught by Syrian officials when she was in Syria posing as a journalist.


Season 1Edit

In "Secrets of the Secret Service" Gabriel goes to rescue Emily and Gil, another CIA agent caught with her. But Emily refused to leave without the scientist she came to extract. She says if they left without the scientist the scientist will go underground and will never be found. She says to Gabriel to make sure the scientist is safe and then and only then to come back for her and Gil.

Syrian officials transport Emily to another location when they are ambushed by Gabriel, Riley and Griffin. Gabriel takes her to safety. They take her to USA on the same plane as Susan, the scientist she came looking for not knowing her real mission was to eliminate Susan.

When Susan leaves get something for her daughter Emily follows her and tries to kill her. But she is interrupted by Riley and Gabriel. She press her knife to Susan's throat but Riley tell her to put it down or she will shoot. Griffin comes through a door behind Emily and she stabs him in the leg. Riley uses this to her advantage and grabs her hand and make her drop the knife. She ties Emily's hands behind her back. Emily says she is on a mission until said otherwise.