Jeffrey Tetazoo
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Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation Director of Central Intelligence Agency
Affiliations Central Intelligence Agency
Physical Description
Eye color Black
Height 6' 2½" (1.89 m)
Series Information
First Appearance Mei Chen Returns
Latest Appearance Delta Force
Portrayed by Lance Reddick
Without trust, you and I have nothing.

–To Lillian Strand, Delta Force

Jeffrey Tetazoo is the director of Central Intelligence Agency.


Season 1Edit

In "Mei Chen Returns" DCI Jeffrey Tetazoo asks for Lillian Strand for help to locate Kate Anderson, a former CIA Analyst who went rogue and sensitive information she stole. Lillian agrees. Sensitive information Kate stole was about the information CIA gathered about Project Clockwork unknown to CyberCom team. They later figure it out and Lillian confronts Tetazoo about it. 

In "Secrets of the Secret Service" Lillian meets him and asks why weren't they informed that the two Americans Syrian Government is holding hostages are CIA agents. He says by the time he knew about the mission it was too late to inform them. He asks Lillian what information did his agents give to them. She says that they gave a picture of the scientist they were looking for in Syria. Later he has an argument with Lillian and tells her it is unfair that she has Gabriel all to herself and Gabriel is unreliable. Weatherly tries to diffuse the situation and tells them they are going to work together in the future.



  • He has worked with Lillian Strand's father, Leeland Strand in Langley.


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