I'm cyber-rendering. It's something the chip does that nobody expected. I can create a virtual snapshot of an event in my mind and then walk through it. But it's more than that, it's like a virtual evidence wall.

Gabriel, Explaining Cyber Rendering to Riley.

In Cyber Rendering Gabriel can create virtual images of certain events and walk through it. He can use his subconcious to fill the holes of the image.


In "Mei Chen Returns" Mei Chen hacks into Gabriel's cyber-render multiple times. Because of that he almost shoots Riley. Riley punches him and he snaps out of his cyber render. Gabriel and CyberCom team uses Mei Chen's hacking to their advance and Lures her into Gabriel'a cyber-render and Nelson hacks into Mei Chen's chip and deletes the information on it. Dr. Cassidy upgrades Gabriel's chip so this won't happen again.