Chris Jameson
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Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation US CyberCom Special Agent
Affiliations US CyberCom
Physical Description
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown - Dark
Height 6' (183 cm)
Series Information
First Appearance Pilot
Latest Appearance Being Human
Portrayed by Michael Rady

Chris Jameson is a US CyberCom Special Agent. He often works from a desk but in Secrets of the Secret Service he expresses his desire to work more in the field.



Season 1Edit

In "Pilot" he along with Gabriel, Riley and Gonzalo Rodriguez go to the paintball arena to look for Dr. Cassidy who was kidnapped.

In "Red X" he helps Riley and Gabriel to evacuate the hospital where they suspect a bomb is planted.

In "Mei Chen Returns" he looks for information on Kate Anderson, a CIA analyst who is trying to sell sensitive information. Along with Nelson he finds out the sensitive information is about Project Clockwork and CyberCom. When Mei Chen kidnaps Kate he figures out Amos Pembroke, former CyberCom employee might be her technician and tracks Mei Chen through him with the help of Nelson.

In "Secrets of the Secret Service" he goes to Syria to rescue the American hostages disguised as a doctor. He express his desire to be on the field more.

In "The Rescue" he warns Lillian that Weatherly is coming to her office with her father Leeland Strand While Gabriel and Riley head to Mexico to save the girls he stays behind in CyberCom headquarters. He warns Gabriel when a gunmen comes from behind him.

In "Patient Zero" he briefs the rest of the team about the deadley virus attack in Texas. When Gabriel figure out Luther Vick's aka the Patient Zero's execution was staged and prison guard Jones was in on it Chris tries to trace a call Jones was making. But it was Gabriel who traced it back to Pentagon. When Lillian tells about the call being traced back to Pentagon to General Greg Carter Chris taps into a phonecall he made immediately after and reroutes it to Lillian. General tells someone they have to find him before Lillian Strand's people does. He tells Lillian Carter never mentioned Luther's name to which Lillian replies he is too smart for that. When Gabriel and Riley capture Luther, Chris and Lillian figure out the General's men who are sent to capture Luther is nearby and warn them. He goes to arrest the General with Lillan and Weatherly.





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