Amos Pembroke
S01e03 497
Biographical Description
Status Alive
Nationality American
Career Information
Occupation Former Us CyberCom Technician
Affiliations Formerly US CyberCom
Physical Description
Series Information
First Appearance Pilot
Portrayed by Elden Henson

Amos Pembroke is a former US CyberCom technician. He was also Mei Chen's technician.


Season 1Edit

In "Pilot" episode  Amos is introduced as Gabriel's technician. He assits the CyberCom team to locate Dr. Cassidy when the latter is kidnapped. Later Gabriel find out about Amos's involvement in the kidnapping. Before he and Riley can inform anyone he and Riley are captured by Amos and Chinese friends of his before they can warn anyone. Amos visits Riley later in her cell asks her to join him. Riley knocks him unconcious. He is later seen staying in some hideout with some people and unconcious Mei Chen

In "Mei Chen Returns" Amos returns with Mei Chen. He is Mei Chen's technician. Chris and Nelson tracks Mei Chen's hideout through him. When Riley and Gabriel caught him he asks Riley to get him out of there since Mei Chen is mean. Later in the episode it was revealed that he has been imprisoned for his involvement Dr. Cassidy's kidnapping.



  • He was involved in the kidnapping of Dr. Cassidy. 
  • He eats a lot when he is nervous.
  • He was Gabriel's lead technician before he was revealed to be a traitor.